ChemLab 2.6

Model ChemLab is a lab simulation for lab experience

Model ChemLab - Evaluation Version 2.5 is a lab simulation for lab experience. It has been originated from academics to computer simulation. Model ChemLab consists of a real-time animated interactive simulation engine. It features lab wizard tools which can be used to create lab simulations. The simulation so made can be replayed using the demonstration mode.

ChemLab supports various plug-ins for simulation extensions. The RasMol molecular viewer is in-built with the software. It also features an integrated periodic table application to view information about atoms, periodicity and structure. It is bundled with lab equipments such as Beakers, Erlenmeyer and Florence flasks, test tubes, graduated cylinders, burettes, eye dropper, pipettes, watch glasses, filtering flask with funnel, Bunsen burner, hot plate / Magnetic stirrer, stirring rods, evaporation dish, calorimeter, conductivity meter, Geiger counter, potentiometer, Spectrophotometer etc. It also supports balances like centigram, electronic etc.

The software has simulations pertaining to titration, decantation, pouring, heating etc. It also features temperature, weight, volume, pH etc. New chemicals can be added and different combination of reactions is possible.

The software helps the user to experience a real-time lab simulation. It has a wizard to make the steps easy for making simulations. Demonstrations can be done and it is versatile to be used in different places.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Virtual experiments can be repeated for practice


  • No substitute for hands-on experience with complicated apparatus
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